IRISE Annual Meeting 2023 Presentations

A Novel Methodology for Structural Optimization of Bridge Decks Against Corrosion

Landslide Best Practices Handbook

IRISE: Year 6 Program

Concrete Pavement Vibration and Compaction

A Novel Immersive VR Platform for H&S Training of Construction Workers

Identifying Major Causes of Construction Accidents

Remote-Controlled Technology Assessment for Safer Pavement Construction and QA/QC

Preliminary Evaluation of Pavement Surface Distresses Related to Pavement Markings

Design and Construction of Two-lift Concrete Pavements for Pennsylvania

Investigating New Underground Utility Location Technologies and Novel Methods to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Highway Construction

Developing Methodologies to Predict and Quantify the benefits of Research that Creates Durable and Longer Lasting Highway Infrastructure

Material Compatible Repair Evaluation

Pennsylvania Turnpike Mon-Fayette Expressway Test Bed

IRISE 2022 Annual Report

Joint Design Optimization

Prediction of dowel corrosion and effect on performance of concrete pavements

Integrating Additive Manufacturing with Accelerated Bridge Construction Techniques

Development of a Roadway Landslide Inventory and Analytical Tool for Southwestern Pennsylvania

A Seminar Series on Innovative and Comprehensive Stormwater Management to Produce Multiple-Benefits in the Appalachian Plateau

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