ChemE Student Benjamin Hudock can’t stop learning. And he doesn’t want to.

Hudock was chosen for the US Fulbright Program after years of mastering both engineering and foreign language learning.

Understanding Friction, the Unavoidable Enemy

New Research Published in Nature Nanotechnology Unveils First Visualization of Friction at the Atomic Level

Model (Virus) Behavior

Pitt Researchers Use Computational Modeling to Understand Why Some Flu Viruses Cause More Severe Infections

Making an Artificial Heart Fit for a Human

Recreating the heart's helical structure-function relationship with focused rotary jet spinning

Relentlessly Paying it Forward

David V.P. Sanchez, CEE Assistant Professor, Honored with Two Top Engineering Education Awards

Self-assembled, Interlocked Threads: Spinning Yarn with No Machine Needed

Pitt and Princeton engineers discover spontaneous intertwining of 2D polymer sheets into self-rotating 3D “dancing” spirals

A "Wicked" Challenge

Building a Better Blood Bank—in Kenya

A Sustainable Solution for Oil and Gas Wastewater

Pitt Engineers Develop Method that Can Recycle Water Used in Fracking and Drilling

How a Knee Replacement Impacts the Planet

New Research, co-authored by the late Dr. Freddie Fu, Reviews the Environmental Impacts of Orthopedic Surgery

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