The Engineering Office of Diversity (EOD) administers the Diversity Graduate Engineering Program to identify and recruit traditionally underrepresented students into graduate engineering education through partnerships with student organizations, recruitment fairs and events, visits to other universities and colleges, graduate research experience, and diversity graduate fellowships and scholarships.

SSOE Diversity Graduate Engineering Program (DGEP) focuses on Developing and implementing the Multi-Campus Partnership for URM Access into the PhD program. This graduate access and inclusion dimension strategy is designed to build capacity bridges between a PhD-granting institution and multiple graduate pipeline programs and non-PhD granting institutions to identify top students early, cultivate talent for advancement, develop a communication plan that keeps them informed, and ease the transition into PhD program. This dimension fosters the opportunity to recruit gifted students into PhD programs before other competing factors intervene. The overall strategic vision for DGEP is encapsulated into six dimensions for graduate Diversity and Equity:

  1. Foster institutional leadership engagement that maximizes receptivity for diversity and equity by focusing on the systemic, organizational, and structural realignments necessary to support all the other five dimensions.
  2. Establish criteria for institutional high diversity impact, climate, and culture that support all graduate students and engages all of its diversity in the service of graduate students.
  3. Establish a multi-campus outreach framework for URM motivation for STEM fields.
  4. Develop multi-campus partnerships for URM capacity building and access into PhD program.
  5. Build a graduate student-centered community and professional development opportunities by developing a structure for effective community engagement and mentoring partnership with all stakeholders for the production of increased number of URM STEM PhDs.
  6. Evaluate Diversity and Equity outcomes and reward departments that make highest impact in closing student equity,diversity or educational outcomes gaps.
Graduate Initiatives Staff