Why Swanson School of Engineering?

Why study engineering at the University of Pittsburgh? The world-renowned yet approachable faculty and staff who care about your success and individualistic goals may be one of the many reasons. Internationally renowned for research and education, the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering offers a wide variety of degree programs for undergraduate students and flexibility to discover the world, grow, and have multidisciplinary interests.

Science and technology impact nearly every facet of our daily lives--from our environment to our health--and are used to solve many pressing problems.

The Swanson School not only prepares students to meet today's challenges but future challenges as well with creativity, innovation, and endless hands on experiential learning opportunities. We offer a solid integrated foundation of freshmen engineering courses in math and science which will prepare you for specialization in one of our engineering departments or programs by sophomore year.

Our award winning integrated program is simply a fancy way of saying that all of our freshmen coursework is combined across all subjects to best benefit engineers by emphasizing technical expertise, teamwork, and communications skills.

Our curriculum is challenging, but you will have plenty of support to help get what you need to succeed and grow. Our community of professional staff members--called the Engineering Student Service Center--will help you with anything from tutoring in a freshman class, obtaining a co-op, internship or research experience, or taking part in an international experience by studying, working, or doing research abroad.

More detailed information about our freshman integrated curriculum can be viewed via the First Year section:

All of this while receiving personalized attention from your freshman year and beyond. The student to faculty ratio is small, yet students have the opportunity to study on a large urban research campus setting. The University of Pittsburgh campus is unique in that it is set apart from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Pittsburgh; however, our students have all of the benefits which go along with studying on an energetic, diverse, urban campus which is vibrant with student life and activities. 

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