Swanson School of Engineering Research

The Swanson School of Engineering has excelled in basic and applied research over the years and is on the forefront of technology in several important areas including energy systems, sustainability, biomedical engineering, nano-engineering, computational modeling, advanced manufacturing, and engineering materials development. We are building upon our research strengths by hiring faculty in these areas and creating new collaborations within and beyond the school.

Our Center for Energy, Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation, Petersen Institute for Nano-Science & -Engineering, Center for Medical Innovation, and our new Center for Advanced Manufacturing encompass many of these research areas.

Inquiries should be directed to:

Dr. David Vorp
Senior Associate Dean for Research & Facilities

2024 Ingenium: Undergraduate Research at the Swanson School of Engineering (click footer arrow ↓ to download)


2023 Summary of Faculty Research (click footer arrow ↓ to download)