The Stephen R. Tritch Program in Nuclear Engineering offers several options in nuclear engineering. For undergraduates, we offer a Certificate in Nuclear Engineering that prepares engineers of all disciplines to understand and work in the field of nuclear power. For graduates, we offer a Graduate Certificate that can be earned alone or with any graduate engineering degree and a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering that provides the student in depth knowledge about things nuclear.

Our program draws from the wealth of real-world nuclear experience concentrated in southwestern Pennsylvania. Designed in consultation with industry partners, Pitt's nuclear engineering program prepares engineers for careers in nuclear power. From nuclear fundamentals to nuclear power plant operation, students will learn the knowledge and skills needed in today's nuclear power industry.

Pitt's Nuclear Engineering program is taught by faculty whose careers have been built in the nuclear industry. Professionals from Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, and FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company (Succeeded in ownership by Energy Harbor Nuclear Corp.) have developed and teach the curriculum, bringing many decades of experience into the classroom. Each course has been designed to offer knowledge and skills that are especially relevant to today’s nuclear industry.