Partner with the Swanson School of Engineering

The University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering is pleased to collaborate with top industry leaders contributing to breakthroughs in research, innovation, and overall quality of education and productivity of our graduate students and your future employees. Since 1893, when George Westinghouse personally recruited Reginald Fessenden (The Father of Radio Broadcasting) to become chair of Pitt’s new Electrical Engineering Department, Swanson has been dedicated to providing our corporate partners with education, recruiting, research partnerships, and connections to world-renowned faculty and graduate students.

Faithfully, our corporate partners have provided Swanson with research funding and collaborative research opportunities, special gifts, and support for graduate student development activities. Aside from these philanthropic pursuits, our corporate partners enjoy the opportunity to connect with students and potential future employees in a number of ways dependent on desired level of exposure on-campus.

The possibilities to partner with Swanson are endless and include:

Our online professional graduate programs are used to develop the essential knowledge and skills that contribute to employees’ success within their fields and retention on the job & make it possible for you to offer further training to employees no matter where they are located. The Swanson team is there every step of the way for your staff members. We can support you by:

  • Offering group tuition rate opportunities
  • Hosting on-site or online Lunch & Learns and Program Information Sessions
  • Aligning your company’s learning objectives with one of our online degrees, certificates, or courses to help meet your organization’s training needs
  • Suggesting ways to promote your tuition reimbursement and benefit programs to staff
  • Providing input on one of our Online Program Advisory Boards
  • And Many More!

Please contact Stephanie Opalinski at for more information.

We understand your company’s time is spread among many recruiting events throughout the year. Allow our team to help execute your on-campus event by providing support for:

  • Information Sessions
  • Interdisciplinary Engagement – connect with students from Katz Business School, Swanson School of Engineering, Information Sciences…
  • Case Study integration with curriculum
  • Case Study Competition
  • Executive Breakfast
  • Student Organization Activities
  • Keynote Speaker Opportunities

For more information please contact – Jennifer Welton at

Swanson operates dozens of advanced laboratories and shared research facilities positioned to serve industry needs. Some of the most advanced equipment in the world can be used to fulfill your company’s research and development needs. Offering multiple pathways to engage, our faculty and staff can:

  • Perform work in a fee-for-service mode
  • Train your staff to work in our facilities in third-party on-site service.
  • Explore Collaborative or Sponsored Research Opportunities with the Swanson School world class faculty” 

For more information please contact – Brian Vidic at

The Swanson School of Engineering is committed to our network of engineers, comprised of current students as well as over 27,000 alumni. Our community of past and present students upholds the ideas of diversity and inclusion, recognizing the importance of the interaction of different ideas and perspectives in the pursuit of knowledge.

Every student can participate in a variety of non-engineering student organizations or engineering-specific student organizations that express who they are as individuals. Further, the Swanson School is dedicated to our Diversity Graduate Engineering Program (DGEP), which identifies and recruits traditionally underrepresented students into graduate engineering education. Learn more about our Diversity Initiative at the Swanson School.

Looking to fill open roles with a graduate student? Our student recruitment events can help you quickly identify talent and reach those students with ideal backgrounds to meet your hiring needs. From a STEM specific Career Fair to the ability to post job openings and Grad Co-Op opportunities, your company’s recruiting team has the ability to leave their mark on-campus. More details can be found via the following: 

For more information please contact – Jennifer Welton at

Donations – of all sizes – ensure that Pitt is able to help deserving students, deliver outstanding educational programs, and make a positive impact in our community.

For more information please contact – Andrew Falk at    

We also welcome the opportunity to connect with our Professional Alumni Network. Learn more here: 

From recruiting events, to collaborative research opportunities, facilitation of case studies, advisory boards and staff training opportunities, our team excels in supporting corporate partnership at each level. Here at the University of Pittsburgh we understand that every partner should receive personalized attention to develop an engagement plan to meet their needs. The support you will receive in partnering with Swanson in second to none.