Financial Aid

Admission to the graduate program does not imply the granting of financial aid. This is done separately, and an applicant interested in applying for financial aid should indicate so when completing the on-line application under Application Information. The following types of aid may be available:

  1.  Fellowships are awarded to students of outstanding ability. The financial aid is usually an unrestricted grant.
  2. Traineeships are awarded to students for training in selected areas. There may be restrictions on the courses that may be taken.
  3. Teaching assistantships and teaching fellowships are awarded to exceptionally well-prepared students in return for assistance in laboratories, recitation sections, and other teaching duties. Partial or full tuition scholarships are also provided.
  4. Research assistantships are awarded to students for assistance on research programs.
  5. Partial or full tuition scholarships are also provided.

When the department makes an award of financial aid, the terms and conditions are specified. Applications for financial aid should be received as early as possible. For information on student loans, contact:

University of Pittsburgh
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

4227 Fifth Avenue, Alumni Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260