For decades, technology services and resources have been delivered to the Swanson School’s students and faculty. Helping to support and shape their academic and research experiences, technology resources in the Swanson School have been a critical component to the School’s continued production of great engineers and innovative research.

In 2007 the Swanson School underwent a comprehensive examination to determine how best to improve and then sustain a level of technology services excellence delivered to students, faculty and staff. In 2009, the Swanson School Technology Group was created, reinforced by the School’s first strategic technology plan. In 2014 the School’s 2nd strategic technology plan was created, guiding the school through the next four years.

In its relatively short existence, the Group has been highlighted in articles referencing advances in classroom computing design and innovation, and has led efforts such as the University Technology Directors Forum, aimed at introducing IT governance, innovation and resource sharing across schools, units, regional campuses, institutes, and centers at the University of Pittsburgh.

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