Guiding Principles, Mission, Vision

The Business Dictionary defines Guiding Principles as any principles or precepts that guide an organization throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work, or the top management.

The SSoE Technology Group defined the following Guiding Principles in its 1st Strategic Plan in 2009:

  • Retain and attract talented professionals focused on service and support of School needs
  • Leverage University standards and industry best practices to provide highest level guidance and support
  • Persistently research and engage the most advanced technology resources that conform to School needs in education and research
  • Continuously seek alignment with School goals and objectives, ensuring active participation across faculty and staff
  • Ensure that technology autonomy needed by faculty is married to overall transparency and governance

These guiding principles were critical to the success of the plan. These tenets allowed for new processes, structures, environments and policies to be established and to flourish. And as a result of these successes, we have documented a refined set of Guiding Principles to carry us through the 2014-2018 term of this plan. They represent and support a balance between structure and innovation, central and distributed services, standardization and autonomy, and security and openness. They include:

  • Deliver Stable Yet Extensible Technical Environments so that Teaching and Research can Flourish
  • Promote Systems Integration and Tools for Collaboration
  • Engage the Most Advanced Technology Resources that Conform to Student, Faculty and Staff Needs
  • Understand the School’s Lines of Business and its Areas of Strategic Emphasis
  • Understand How the School Aligns with University Goals from the Provost and Chancellor
  • Be Accountable, Professional, and Focused on Service

Technology Group Mission

Provide optimal computing environments, advanced resources, support, solutions consulting, testing, and technical guidance to support the goals and objectives laid out in the SSoE Strategic Plan.

Technology Group Vision

The Swanson School of Engineering’s technology offerings and organization will be viewed by faculty as a top tier unit supporting their education and research goals. As well by peer Schools, SSoE will be viewed as a leader in providing advanced technology resources for faculty, offering superior and effective learning environments for students, and ensuring technology alignment with industry partner needs.