Each laboratory within the Vascular Bioengineering Laboratory (VBL) is equipped with the general equipment, hardware and software that would be found in other similar laboratories. Below are some more specialized pieces of equipment that are available in each facility. The list continues to grow as our capabilities and interest diversify.  

Vascular Cell Culture Laboratory (VCCL)

  • FlexCell strain unit FX-4000 (x1, Flexcell International) to provide cyclic mechanical stretch to 2D and 3D culture.
  • FlexCell streamer shear stress device (x1, Flexcell International)
  • Custom-built cyclic pressure device (x1)

Vascular Biomechanics and Biology Laboratory (VBBL)

Computational Vascular Biomechanics Laboratory (CVBL)  

  • Abaqus and CAE, 2017 (25 tokens, Simulia)
  • Precision 690 workstations with Intel Xeon processors (x2, Dell)
  • IDL, v5.6 and 7.0 (x3)
  • Rhinoceros, v4.0 (x3, Mc Neel &Associates)
  • Mathematica, v5 and 6 (x3, Wolfram Research Inc.)
  • Tecplot 360 (x3, Tecplot Inc.)
  • Solidworks 2018 (v3)
  • MatLab, 2018(x3, MathWorks)
  • ANSYS 19 (CFD, Mechanical & FSI)
  • Creo 3.0 

Vascular Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory (VMIL)

  • Inverted microscope (x1, Eclipse TS100, Nikon) 
  • NIS elements 3.1 for image analysis 

Miscellaneous Hardware

  • Form 3 SLA 3D Printer