Papers published in 2022-2023: (Google Scholar)

Mechanics of nanoscale surfaces:

Azadehranjbar, S., Ding, R., Padilla Espinosa, I. M., Martini, A., & Jacobs, T. D. B. (2023). Size-Dependent Role of Surfaces in the Deformation of Platinum Nanoparticles. ACS Nano: Open access link and DOI
Padilla Espinosa, I. M., Jacobs, T. D., & Martini, A. (2022). Atomistic Simulations of the Elastic Compression of Platinum Nanoparticles. Nanoscale Research Letters: Open access link and DOI

Baker, A. J., Vishnubhotla, S. B., Chen, R., Martini, A., & Jacobs, T. D. (2022). Origin of pressure-dependent adhesion in nanoscale contacts. Nano letters: Open access link and DOI

Padilla Espinosa, I. M., Azadehranjbar, S., Ding, R., Baker, A. J., Jacobs, T. D., & Martini, A. (2022). Platinum nanoparticle compression: Combining in situ TEM and atomistic modeling. Applied Physics Letters : Open access link and DOI

Ding, R., Espinosa, I. M. P., Loevlie, D., Azadehranjbar, S., Baker, A. J., Mpourmpakis, G., ... & Jacobs, T. D. (2022). Size-dependent shape distributions of platinum nanoparticles. Nanoscale advances: Open access link and DOI

Performance of surfaces:

Jackson, R. L., & Jacobs, T. D. B. (2023). Which asperity scales matter for true contact area? A multi-scale and statistical investigation. Mechanics of Materials, 184, 104746. Full article
Beschorner, K., Ing, H., Chadha, V., Randolph, A., Reifler, K., & Jacobs, T. ( 2023)Shoe-floor friction is predicted by high-frequency material properties and small-scale floor topographical features. Footwear Science: Full article
Jacobs, T. D. B., & Pastewka, L. (2022). Surface topography as a material parameter. In MRS Bulletin: Open access link and DOI

Jacobs, T. D., Miller, N., Müser, M. H., & Pastewka, L. (2022). The surface-topography challenge: Problem definition.: Open access link and DOI

Ding, R., Miller, N. C., Woeppel, K. M., Cui, X. T., & Jacobs, T. D. (2022). Surface Area and Local Curvature: Why Roughness Improves the Bioactivity of Neural Implants. Langmuir.: Open access link and DOI

Sanner, A., Nöhring, W. G., Thimons, L. A., Jacobs, T. D., & Pastewka, L. (2022). Scale-dependent roughness parameters for topography analysis. Applied Surface Science Advances: Open access link and DOI

Fundamental understanding of tribology:

Sanner, A., Kumar, N., Dhinojwala, A., Jacobs, T. D. B., & Pastewka, L. (2023). Why soft contacts are stickier when breaking than when making them: Open access link and DOI

Maksuta, D., Dalvi, S., Gujrati, A., Pastewka, L., Jacobs, T. D., & Dhinojwala, A. (2022). Dependence of adhesive friction on surface roughness and elastic modulus. Soft Matter: Open access link and DOI

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