General Information


Q: How long should my talk be? What are the poster requirements?

A: Oral presentations should be 20 minutes total including 5 minutes for discussion. Please also review our Presenter Instructions.


Q: Am I required to submit a manuscript? Even if I'm presenting a poster?

A: Yes, you are asked to submit a manuscript whether you are an oral or poster presenter. Should the conference not receive any kind of manuscript from you, your original abstract will be used in the Proceedings.


Q: What is the format and page limit for the manuscript?

A: There is no page limit for the manuscript since it will be published online.

We have partnered with Curran Associates, Inc. to have the conference proceedings indexed in SCOPUS (the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, scientific journals, books and conference proceedings) and have them available at various international scientific libraries. Manuscripts with clear sections containing the following items will be indexed in the conference proceedings on SCOPUS. Please take care to include these items in your manuscript.

  •  TITLE


 ****** If your manuscript contains multiple graphs, charts, or figures please submit your manuscript in PDF Format (must be UNSECURED/UNPROTECTED). The PCC will NOT be responsible for errors resulting from conversion to PDF.


Q: Will you accept a Power Point presentation as a manuscript?

A: Yes, we will accept a Power Point presentation as a manuscript. You may submit both a written manuscript AND a Power Point presentation and both will be included in the Proceedings.


Q: When will I receive the Proceedings?

A: We will post the Proceedings online after the conference for quality purposes. We will make every effort for you to receive it in a timely manner.


Q: I'm interested in becoming an Advisory Board Member and/or Session Chair.  Whom do I contact?

A: Please send an email to the conference coordinator at