The Electric Power Systems Lab

The Electric Power Systems Lab and related programs of the Center for Energy in the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) have been developed over the past several years in collaboration with industry, government, and other constituents to provide innovative education and collaborative research programs in the areas of electric power and energy engineering. Working together with industry partners, along with strong government sponsorship and other constituency support, Pitt is contributing to the advancement of modern electric power technology and infrastructure at all levels, from the development of novel power electronics converters, to micro and macro grid modeling and control. Pitt is also committed to the development of solutions to address the aging workforce issue in the electric power and energy sector through modernized educational programs. Through advancements in both technology and education, the initiative establishes a model program for the resurgence and sustainability of university based electric power engineering programs in the U.S.

Brandon Grainger, PhD.
Director, Electric Power  and Electric Power Systems Lab