Women in Engineering Program at Pitt

Established in 2018, WEP@Pitt’s mission is to attract and empower women pursuing a degree in engineering and who would like to become leaders in their field.

This program seeks engineering students who are eager to better humanity by building a community that supports their love of engineering. WEP@Pitt will produce highly qualified and professionally responsible women engineers who value diversity and become fully aware of their capabilities of making an impact on our world.


Name: Anna Straussanna strauss head shot

Year in School: Senior

Engineering Major: Engineering Physics

Minor: Electrical Engineering and Physics

Why did you choose engineering at Pitt? Pitt offered a BS in Engineering Science enabling me to combine my interests in physics and engineering. They also offered a club gymnastics team which was an opportunity to continue participating in my sport. After touring the school, I fell in love with the campus and school spirit and knew it was the right choice for me.

Describe yourself in three words: Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Positive.

What advice would you give to other women who are aspiring to be engineers someday? Focus on doing what you love. If you’re excited about what you’re doing and ready to learn you’ll do great!