Prior to participating in a global experience, Swanson School of Engineering (SSOE) students MUST complete a SSOE Course Approval Form regardless of what type of program the student chooses. A SSOE course approval form will be sent to each student as a DocuSign link after acceptance to a global program and after attendance of mandatory agreement meeting(s). 

The SSOE Course Approval Form enables students to know how global courses will count toward their major, minor and/or certificate programs at Pitt. The process involves the student, student’s advisor(s), and the SSOE Global Experiences Office.  The form is an e-form and a final record is available to all parties and maintained in the student's files. The SSOE Course Approval Form is also the mechanism through which SSOE students are registered for Pitt credits during the semester or short-term programs.  

Completion of the form includes routing it to their undergraduate major coordinator, and/or their second major, minor, or certificate advisor(s) to review and pre-approve individual courses from their global experience. Read more about the process and view sample forms on the SSOE Global Experiences intranet site.  

There are many global experiences in which SSOE students have already participated and have had courses pre-approved to fulfill major, minor and/or certificate requirements for varying departments. Please review this ever-expanding list of pre-approved courses on the course fulfillment page.