Being part of Industrial Engineering at Pitt is challenging, eye-opening, and transformative. Founded 100 years ago as one of the first Industrial Engineering programs in the world, today we are re-imagining what it means to be an industrial engineer in the 21st century.

We do this by merging concepts and practices from the diverse fields of engineering, applied mathematics, the physical sciences, data analytics and business to educate engineers for make an impact, whether they become a professional engineer, physician, lawyer or entrepreneur. Students and faculty engage each other in a vibrant and collaborative environment whether in the classroom, the lab, or in the community.

We collaborate with other engineers to eliminate wasteful practices, solve complex problems, and design new processes that improve industry, manufacturing, transportation, health systems, and even entertainment. In brief, we improve the human condition.

Students graduating with a degree from Pitt Industrial Engineering have outstanding job placement rates - Pitt Engineering students in general experience a 96% placement/career outcomes rate upon graduation! Our PhD graduates hold faculty positions at major U.S. and international universities, government, and industry.

Because industrial engineers learn how to do things better, career opportunities are only as limited as your dreams. And that’s what makes an industrial engineer succeed. If you can dream more, then Industrial Engineering at Pitt is ready for you.

Think engineering students just go to class and study? Think again!

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Department of Industrial Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering
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