The Center for Industry Studies supports multidisciplinary research that helps link scholars to some of the most important and challenging problems faced by modern industry. Our activities and programs are motivated by the firm conviction that bringing engineers and social scientists together for research collaboration can lead to important advances in scholarship and produce research of significant practical value to industry. In building this community of scholars, the Center reaches out to faculty members from all of the social science disciplines and professional schools for research collaboration opportunities with faculty members in the Swanson School of Engineering. The Center also encourages communication between scholars and industry practitioners as a means of building partnerships that can enhance the impact of academic research, yield educational opportunities, and promote economic development.


The Manufacturing Assistance Center's mission is to assist manufacturers and individuals in gaining a competitive advantage in the global economy via the use of advanced manufacturing technology and training.

Seizing Local and Global Opportunities

Since 1994, the MAC has focused on uniting local manufacturers with advances in technology to strengthen their position in the global economy and providing quality training for individuals interested in careers in manufacturing. The MAC continues to help forge the region's new identity as one where advanced technology has been successfully applied to a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

An initiative of the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Industrial Engineering, the MAC is a technology transfer center with a highly skilled staff and a working, state-of-the-art factory. The MAC offers southwestern Pennsylvania manufacturers shared access and hands-on training on a number of advanced machine tools and computer aided manufacturing software programs. In addition, the MAC offers full-time training programs for individuals seeking challenging careers in manufacturing.