SAE Aero Design is a yearly competition that challenges teams to design and create a remote controlled aircraft with the ability to take off, land, and best meet the objective of the specific competition for which it is taking part in.

Started in Fall 2014, Pitt’s SAE Aero team has evolved into a fully functioning organization with around 60 active members. As part of the Regular Class for competition, our objective is to design an aircraft that can carry the largest amount of cargo, while flying through a pre designed course. Our goal is to attend competition in Spring 2017 with a successful aircraft capable of placing in the competition.

Our engineering teams break down as follows :  

  • Avionics (Electronics)
  • Wings
  • Fuselage
  • Tail   

SAE Aero is an exciting way to gain experience with design, testing, and building, as well as how to be a productive member of a diverse team with a common goal. Whether you are a freshman looking to get involved, an upperclassman looking to hone their skills, or anywhere in between, we invite you to join.