Along with the support of University of Pittsburgh SGB and the Swanson School of Engineering, the SOAR club relies on the support of businesses and individuals alike to provide the means to fund our incredible endeavors. These monetary donations go a long way for the acquisition of all necessary equipment for the Launch, Special Projects, and PropLab teams. Additionally, our club uses funding to obtain and maintain our shop’s equipment, pay for the expenses related to travel and competitions, and to fund our business expenses along the way.

Along with monetary contributions, sponsors can contribute in other various means, such as through needed materials or components, discounts for products, and services related to professional quality fabrication services. These types of donations are extremely valuable to us, as they allow for us to expand our capability for the manufacturing process of our projects that we otherwise would not have the access to.

Any donation to SOAR is tax deductible. Your donations enable our students to become a part of a rare and unique aerospace engineering and business management experience that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

Depending on the level of donation, sponsors can expect to have their logo advertised on our website, social media, our equipment (including motor, rocket, rovers), and our uniforms. Arrangements can be made for any additional requests. Please view our information packet for additional information, and if you have any questions at all, please contact us!

We look forward to your partnership.