Dr. Wiezorek's research group studies advanced materials and processes using and developing methods for their quantitative characterization by electron, ion and X-ray beam methods, such as transmission and scanning electron microscopy (TEM and SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD), and other modern micro-characterization techniques based on scanning probe instrumentation, such as AFM and MFM and nano-mechanical testing systems. Combining experimental observations down to atomic level detail and appropriate computer simulations with the principles and practice of physical metallurgy and metal physics leads to the discovery of novel materials and materials behaviors, and explanation of the mechanical, magnetic and other physical properties of structural and functional materials. With an emphasis on metallic and intermetallic alloy systems the research aims to explain the microstructural and phase transformation responses to external stimuli (e.g. thermal, mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic, etc…) experienced during processing and/or in-service performance and relate them to properties exhibited by the materials. The research offers fundamental insights and has relevance for energy, transportation, information and bio-medical sector technologies, contributing to the effective development of new materials for accelerated technology insertion. Past research has focused on mechanical, magnetic and physical properties and transformation phenomena in bulk form materials and thin films, including dynamic in-situ visualization of structural changes and the associated property measurements.

Wiezorek-Group Research Expertise and Interest

  • Material Science with emphasis on Processing-Structure-Property relationships in metals and intermetallic based alloys for high performance applications
  • Physical Metallurgy, Metal Physics, Phase Transformations, Crystal Defects, Microstructural Evolution, Mechanical and Magnetic properties
  • Advanced Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy (SEM & TEM)
  • Dynamic in-situ TEM study of deformation and transformation processes
  • Ultrafast (ns-nm) in-situ TEM of transformation dynamics
  • Quantitative electron and X-ray diffraction
  • Multi-Physics, Diffraction, Electronic Structure Simulations of Materials Systems

Quantitative Characterization of Advanced Materials and Processes