headshot of Rebecca Marflak
Laboratory Research Technician
headshot of Paige Martin
Laboratory Technician
placeholder for headsot of Mike McConegly
MEMS Department Administrator
headshot of Jason McDonald
ChemE Department Technology Lead
headshot of William McGahey
ECE Department Technology Lead
Senior Systems Administrator
placeholder for headsot of Katherine McGuire
Executive Assistant for Strategic Business and Financial Operations
headshot of Sally McKelvey
BioE Personnel Administrator
placeholder for headsot of Michael McMahon
ChemE Unit Operations Lab Manager
headshot of Irene Mena
Director of the First-Year Engineering Program
placeholder for headsot of Erin Menzies
Senior Manager, Sponsored Projects Office
headshot of Sarah Meyers
BioE Grants Administrator
headshot of Justin Misera
Manager, Sponsored Projects Office, Swanson Pod
headshot of Cheryl Morand
Academic Program Administrator
headshot of Colum Murphy
Research Engineer
headshot of Julie Myers-Irvin
Grants Developer, Office of Research
placeholder for headsot of John Ohodnicki
BioE Materials Lab Manager
headshot of Sussan  Olaore
Associate Director, Diversity & Inclusion Graduate Programs
placeholder for headsot of Stephanie Opalinski
Director of Graduate Engineering Recruitment and Enrollment Marketing
headshot of Alison Oros
Undergraduate Administrator, Computer Engineering
headshot of Patricia Park
ChemE Business Administrator
headshot of Cheryl Paul
Senior Director for Advocacy and Well Being
headshot of Jessica Pendrick
MEMS Administrative Coordinator
headshot of Melissa Penkrot
ECE Department Administrator
headshot of Chris Potts
MEMS Department Technology Lead
headshot of Krystina Primack
Administrative Assistant
placeholder for headsot of Kristina Quinn
Sponsored Projects Specialist, Sponsored Projects Office
placeholder for headsot of Tara Rankin
MEMS Graduate Program Administrator
headshot of Linda Redlich
SHREC Center Administrator