Welcome to the website of Neural Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh

The dynamic new field of neural engineering -- combining principles of neuroscience and engineering -- has a dual aim: To advance basic research of the nervous system, and to develop engineered applications from neuroscientific discoveries

As a field, neural engineering involves electronic and mechanical systems, informatics, imaging, prosthetics, biological and artificial circuits, control systems, tissue engineering and regeneration, modeling and computation pertinent to the nervous system.

A wide and exciting variety of neural engineering research projects are underway in Pittsburgh, which benefits from a history of leadership in neuroscience as well as close collaborations among neuroscientists, bioengineers, and engineers at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. Listed here are faculty members with an interest in neural engineering research. Graduate students are encouraged to interact with faculty on both campuses and to combine the resources of these institutions for their studies and research.

A neural engineering track has been established in the graduate program of the Bioengineering department at Pitt. It provides the prospective Ph.D. students opportunities to take rigorous training in this field. The information about this track can be found here.