The Department of Bioengineering is proud of the many research accomplishments of our undergraduates. We encourage our students to participate in research opportunities that can be found with our extensive affiliated faculty and throughout the University of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). The extensive breadth of interest and depth of knowledge displayed by our undergraduates is reflected in presentations at professional conferences, publications in professional journals, and the Intramural Internship (BIOENG 1002) program.

Presentations and Publications

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Conference

The professional society for biomedical engineering and bioengineering.


The University of Pittsburgh’s annual celebration of science and technology.

Bioengineering (BioE) Day

BioE Day serves as a showcase for the research taking place within the Pittsburgh bioengineering community. The goal of the event is to bring together faculty, alumni, friends, and industry partners from the Greater Pittsburgh Area in a joint celebration of the bioengineering innovation and advancements taking place in our community.

Miscellaneous Conferences


Undergraduate Research at the Swanson School of Engineering.

Professional Journal Publications

Intramural Internship Presentations

Our undergraduates are actively involved in many research projects that span the Schools of Engineering, Medicine, Dental Medicine, and others. Research mentors welcome our students into their labs, where the students make valuable contributions to the mentors' research efforts. Perusal of the presented topics reveals the wide scope of research activities available to our students. Prospective undergraduate researchers can identify potential areas of research interest and potential lab mentors through these topics.