headshot of Paige Martin
Laboratory Technician
headshot of Sally McKelvey
BioE Personnel Administrator
headshot of Sarah Meyers
BioE Grants Administrator
headshot of Colum Murphy
Research Engineer
placeholder for headsot of John Ohodnicki
BioE Materials Lab Manager
headshot of Glenn Peterson
BioE Department Administrator
headshot of Lindsay Rodzwicz
Director of Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives, Department of Bioengineering, Swanson School of Engineering
Staff Council President
headshot of Rachel Roos
Project Engineer
placeholder for headsot of Clint Skillen
BioE Laboratory Technician
placeholder for headsot of Richard Smith
BioE Research Engineer, HMB Lab
headshot of Suzanne Sterk
BioE Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs
headshot of Shiloh Struthers
BRIDGE Administrator
headshot of Kimberly Trost
BioE Executive Administrator
headshot of Jenna Trout
BioE Laboratory Manager
headshot of Ryan Vannatten
Bioengineering Department Technology Lead
SSoE Centers and Institutes Lead
placeholder for headsot of Christopher Varghese
BioE Research Technician, Roy Lab
placeholder for headsot of GuangFeng Zhang
BioE Laboratory Manager