Emily Richard

Richard, Emily

Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: McDonald, PA
High School: Fort Cherry Jr./Sr. High School

Why you chose Pitt:

For me coming to Pitt was both a lifelong dream and natural progression.  I was first introduced to Pitt by my father an Arts and Science alumni.  I always like to say that his panther pride wore off on me while I was growing up.  From attending football with my season ticket since the age of one to touring the nationality rooms every Christmas.  I quickly fell in love with the campus.  When it came time for me to make my college decision, I was set on engineering and an urban campus.  While touring Pitt I learned of the undecided policy for freshman engineers which was a unique feature and ultimately solidified my decision to come to Pitt.  In the end location and flexibly of the engineering program was why I committed to Pitt.

Advice to a First Year Engineering Student:

My advice to future first year engineering students is to take full advantage of all the resources for engineering students from your first day on campus.  These include your advisors and the department heads that are more than willing to speak with you.  Do not be afraid to initiate the first contact.  Also, to come in with an open mind about your major.  Even if you have decided on your major never stop exploring leads and opportunities for a minor or certificate.  Make sure to attend big seminar and use it as a tool to discover your passion.  Lastly get involved with professional and demographic engineering clubs, they are a wonderful way to gain invaluable friendships and leadership positions.

Extracurricular involvement and Future Goals:

On campus aside from being an Engineering Ambassador I am heavily committed to mentorship, leadership, outreach, and volunteering.  Most of these commitments are in conjunction with my membership in Pitt Society of Women Engineers.  By holding officers’ positions, I am able to plan outreach events, mentor underclassmen, and volunteer throughout the semesters.  I also have and will be attending the national societal conventions held in various cities around the country.  I am also a member of National Residence Hall Honorary Jonas Salk Chapter whose total members are capped at 1% of the University’s population.  Through this organization I participate in various service projects on and off campus.  Outside of engineering I am a member of Pitt Yoga and I enjoy visiting many of the museums around Pittsburgh (for free of course with my Pitt card).

Looking ahead for my career in electrical engineering I plan to take advantage of the co-op program here at Pitt.  While completing an internship on the side to diversify my work experience.  I also am looking forward to the possibly of traveling for my job in the future.