Alexis Zito

Zito, Alexis

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy

Why you chose Pitt:

I chose Pitt because the University was such a huge part of my life. My parents both attended Pitt for Engineering and would always tell me stories of how they met at Benedum. My high school also is on Pitt’s campus, located next to Benedum Hall, so I’ve practically grown up at the University. With my high school being so close to Benedum Hall I was available to partake in amazing opportunities throughout my high school career. The summer after tenth grade I completed research on CHD1 in the biology department for a program called Gene Team, then the summer after my eleventh grade I completed research in the ecology department where I observed traffic patterns and the effects of car pollution on the visitation of bees to floral areas, along with collected data on the stomata sizes of various strawberries. With these amazing opportunities provided to me just in high school I knew Pitt was the right match to me. The University is the perfect combination of everything I could’ve wanted. There are so many opportunities for me not only academically but socially too. Pitt has over 400 clubs, free tickets to various arts events around the city, various research opportunities, multiple study abroad programs, discounted tickets to hockey games, and season tickets to see Pitt football games at Heinz Field for only $25! Choosing Pitt is the best choice I’ve ever made and always seemed like the choice I would make as the University has provided me with access to phenomenal experiences even before I was attending the school for college.

Advice to a First Year Engineering Student:

Take time to breathe! And do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Freshman year is difficult for everyone and everything can seem super overwhelming but do not stress yourself out too much. Also don’t be afraid to try new things. Before coming to college, I never saw myself studying abroad but now I’m a junior and have studied abroad in three countries! It took a lot of confidence to try something new but in the end, it can be super rewarding and who knows you may fall in love with the new club/program you join and the people you meet!

Extracurricular involvement and Future Goals:

Extracurriculars: I am a member of Phi Sigma Rho Sorority, a Small Group Coordinator for CHAARG (fitness club), Girl Scout Outreach Chair for SWE, a member of Panther Racing (Pitt’s FSAE team), and the secretary for Pitterest Club (a DIY craft club). 

Future Goals:

I hope to work in the renewable energy industry and my ultimate goal would to one day be helping to design and create wind farms.