1. The *Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education will be your advisor when you apply for entrance into the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, and only for your first registration in the department. The *Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education will also be your advisor for all transfer of credits from other institutions, regardless of when they are taken.
  2. All students are assigned a permanent advisor when admitted to the department. You can find the name of your assigned advisor by logging into my.pitt.edu and looking under student services. This faculty member will be your advisor until you graduate unless there is a change in our faculty. This applies to all students, including 3/2 and co-op students. Your advisor will not handle transfer of credits from other schools. Please contact the *Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education regarding this.
  3. If neither you, nor your advisor can answer your question, please contact the *Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education.
  4. You are responsible for taking all of the required courses for graduation. The required courses are clearly specified. Your advisor is responsible for assisting you, answering your questions, meeting with you for registration and add/drops, and advising you. You must contact your advisor to make an appointment. The *Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education verifies that each applicant for graduation has taken all of the required courses and has met all of the guidelines for graduation. 


Advisor   Office  Office Phone
Prof. Ipsita Banerjee 930 Benedum Hall 412-6242071
*Prof. Taryn Bayles 909 Benedum Hall 412-383-9970
Prof. Robert Enick 807 Benedum Hall  412-624-9649
Prof. John Keith 804 Benedum Hall  
Prof. Karl Johnson 904 Benedum Hall 412-624-5644
Prof. Lei Li 906 Benedum Hall 412-624-3691
Prof. Joaquin Rodriguez 933 Benedum Hall 412-624-7634
Prof. Sachin Velankar 927 Benedum Hall 412-624-9984
Prof. Götz Veser 806 Benedum Hall 412-624-1042
Prof. Christopher Wilmer 903 Benedum Hall