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Identification of Factors Controlling the Development of Subsidence Impacts Forecasting Methodology to the I-70 Alignment over Longwall Mining of the Tunnel Ridge Mine, Washington County, Pennsylvania

In the winter of 2019, the Tunnel Ridge Mine extracted a longwall panel under I-70 in Washington County, PA. Additional longwall panels under other portions of the highway are planned in the future. The extraction of these panels can produce a subsidence basin with maximum surface drops from 4 to more than 5-ft, the majority of which occurs within one or two months of undermining the roadway. This project investigates the influence of longwall mining on highway alignments and associated slopes and embankments, evaluates how the highway deforms during undermining with a focus on determining its transient characteristics, utilizes models to better understand subsidence impacts to the highway alignment, and where possible, determines how other future highway alignments could be impacted.

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Principal Investigator : Dr. Anthony Iannacchione


26 February, 2021

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