Bridge Waterproofing Details

Background The objective of this research is to improve the safety margin and redundancy of current waterproofing details used for bridge substructures in PennDOT practice.

Findings: Based on literature review, field visits, inspection reports, structural analysis and experimental tests, the key components of the waterproofing system were studied. Their strength and robustness were analyzed and evaluated based on the damage development and failure modes.

Results: The inadequacy in the key components of current waterproofing system is assessed and remedies to mitigate water leakage are proposed for PennDOT practice

Recommendations: Based upon the evaluation on strength and redundancy, executable recommendations are proposed to strengthen the waterproofing details at critical locations. The proposed practice not only strengthens the waterproofing details, but also provides advantages in repair cost and inspection.


05 October, 2018

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