The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is offering a new  major in environmental engineering leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering.

Undergraduate students majoring in environmental engineering will provide undergraduate students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Engineering with an excellent environmental engineering curriculum and skill set that will enable them to tackle increasingly complex and rapidly evolving technological problems in environmental engineering. The environmental engineering major will allow the Department to produce environmental engineers who will be prepared to pursue a professional licensure in Environmental Engineering and address future challenges in environmental engineering practice; pursue graduate study in environmental engineering; or pursue a career in business, law or policy with a strong focus on the environment.

The environmental engineering major leading to the Bachelor of Science in Engineering will prepare graduates to apply knowledge of mathematics through differential equations, probability and statistics, calculus-based physics, chemistry (including stoichiometry, thermodynamics, and kinetics), earth science, biological science, and fluid mechanics. The curriculum will prepare graduates to formulate material and energy balances, and analyze the fate and transport of substances in and between air, water, and soil phases; conduct laboratory experiments, and analyze and interpret the resulting data in more than one major environmental engineering focus area (e.g., air, water, land, energy, and sustainability); design environmental engineering systems that include considerations of risk, uncertainty, sustainability, life-cycle principles, and environmental impacts; and apply advanced principles and practice relevant to the program objectives. The curriculum will also prepare graduates to understand concepts of professional practice, project management, and the roles and responsibilities of public institutions and private organizations pertaining to environmental policy and regulations. 

The requirements of the program, after the Freshman year which is common to all Swanson School of Engineering undergraduate students, are shown below:

Environmental engineering majors in the Department must take the following core courses after the common freshman year in the Swanson School of Engineering: