The PITT STRIVE Program staff provides support to student participants in many areas. Scholars and fellows are also expected to take advantage of many resources available through the University of Pittsburgh. 


Creating and Maintaining High-Performing Collaborative Research Teams: The Importance of Diversity and Interpersonal Skills

Making the Difference: Applying a Logic of Diversity

Managing Diversity in US Federal Agencies: Effects of Diversity and Diversity management on Employee Perceptions of Organizational Performance

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PITT STRIVE Annual Retreat 2020

Cultural Competency: Higher Education as the Path Toward Racial Equity and Social Justice 

PITT STRIVE Annual Retreat 2020 Day 2 Recording

PITT STRIVE Annual Retreat 2020 Day 1 Recording

Michael Eatman's Presentation PITT STRIVE Annual Retreat 2020

STRIVE Women's History Event 2024

Women's History Event Recording

Breaking Away from the Glass Ceiling - Event News Article


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