Cirtle Ven Diagram - CIRTL Network, Pitt-CIRTL, and STEM departments and groups at Pitt

The Pitt-CIRTL Community

The Pitt-CIRTL Community at the University of Pittsburgh is training the next generation of STEM faculty members with knowledge of and engagement in evidence-based teaching/learning practices.  Our learning community consists of a diverse and vibrant group of PhD students, Post-docs, and Faculty members.  Pitt-CIRTL offers in-person professional development courses (available for transcript credit or not-for-credit), seminars, and workshops in addition to the online courses, seminars, and workshops offered through the CIRTL Network

Pitt-CIRTL holds meetings throughout the year for different learning communities that are centered around specific topics of interest to our participants.  We currently have a Teaching-as-Research (TAR) learning community lunch for any individuals that are in the process of developing and implementing a TAR project as part of earning Practitioner Certification in STEM Teaching - date/time for summer TAR meetings is Friday 11:30AM - 12:30PM in B12 Benedum Hall.  Look for these events in the Upcoming Events section of the homepage, where you may register to attend.


Why Join Pitt-CIRTL?

For PhD Students and Postdocs

  • Prepare for future academic positions by obtaining CIRTL teaching certification
  • Improve disciplinary research through engagement in the scholarship of teaching
  • Gain access to STEM education resources, including scholarly articles, research design best practices, and professional development workshop, seminars, and courses

For Faculty Members

  • Gain assistance in addressing classroom improvements
  • Learn about and develop effective teaching practices specific for your discipline
  • Create more student-faculty partnerships