Materials Science and Engineering

The Senior Design Project is one of two capstone experiences for the undergraduate Materials Science and Engineering Program. It consists of a three-credit engineering research project that takes place over one semester. The aim of the project is to give the student the opportunity to experience an open ended research project in the context of a topic related to the materials science and engineering curriculum. The project must be undertaken individually with the help of an academic supervisor who is a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. The student is responsible for obtaining an academic supervisor who will agree to be the advisor for the project. The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science will not provide funding for the project which must be arranged through the academic supervisor.

Senior Design Student Guidelines (PDF)

Engineering Science

Guidelines for the Engineering Science Program Senior Design Sequence

Engineering Science students must complete a two-term Senior Design sequence consisting of:

  1. At least one semester of senior design offered by one of the other engineering programs in the Swanson school (for example MEMS 1043 or ECE 1896).  [Guidelines for these courses are available in the home department/program.  The ESCI Program Director can assist ESCI students in selecting and enrolling in an appropriate external senior design class.]
  2. A second semester of a separate design project arranged by the student with a faculty mentor and taken as ENGSCI 1801 or the second semester of senior design in an outside program that generally requires a two-term sequence (e.g., in Bioengineering).  Also, students may take ENGR 1050 Product Realization as a second design course.
  3. Students wishing to complete a second semester with a faculty mentor can enroll in ENGSCI 1802 and this course can be approved as a program/nano elective. 

The two-term sequence may be taken in any order.

ENGSCI 1801 and 1802 are 3-credit design/research projects lasting one semester.  ENGSCI 1801 and 1802 give ESCI students the opportunity to experience an open-ended project based on their interests and curricular background.  Every project must have an Academic Advisor.  Academic advisors can come from any department but have most commonly been members of the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, or Physics Departments.  Ideally students should identify and contact potential Academic Advisors before the term starts. 



The Engineering Science Program does not provide funds for costs incurred in the project.