The Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Student Advisory Board (MEMS SAB) was created to amplify the voices of all underrepresented students in MEMS, in order to create a more unified and proactive MEMS department.

Goals and Initiatives

  • Implement a trusted and dedicated support network that addresses social issues and the well-being of underrepresented students in MEMS
  • Implement workshops and awareness programs for students and professors to better understand issues that directly impact the MEMS students
  • Implement an integrated curriculum that teaches about ethics and the intersection of engineering and social justice
  • Implement programs and collaborations to increase the percentage of underrepresented students and faculty.


  • Building a MEMS community that understands the importance of cultural competence and social responsibility
  • Understanding intersectionality within engineering
  • Creates a perpetual system of inclusion and equity
  • Fosters an environment for diverse thinking and innovation.


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Supports research opportunities for underrepresented and minority groups

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Address areas in need for improvement to develop inclusivity between the students and faculty

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Hosts programs such as student-faculty mixers to develop a community in the department

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Gauge the student and faculty climate regarding the goals of the SAB

Current Members


  • Dr. Brian Gleeson (Department Chair)
  • Dr. Nikhil Bajaj
  • Dr. Katherine Hornbostel
  • Dr. Tevis Jacobs
  • Dr. John Whitefoot

Graduate Students

  • Joanna Rivero (Co-Chair)
  • Arushi Pradhan
  • Praveen Vulimiri
  • Lauren Wewer

Undergraduate Students

  • Halima Morafa (Co-Chair)
  • Mychal Amoafo
  • Jamison Beveridge
  • Jordan Church
  • Camryn Cooper
  • Grant Clark
  • Maya Green
  • Holden Guibao
  • Rachel Thomas

Email Dropbox

To provide a straight forward process for students to voice input and concerns, the MEMS Department has established the following email address: MEMS_confidential@pitt.edu. Messages will be received and acted upon in confidence by the Department Chair.

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to join the MEMS SAB, please email MEMS_Student_Advisory_Board@groups.pitt.edu.