It is possible for students who have a bachelor of science degree in a related science discipline to obtain a master of science or doctor of philosophy degree in chemical engineering provided they meet certain academic requirements.

First - The student must have a quality point average in excess of 3.4 before being admitted on a provisional basis as a graduate student in Chemical Engineering.

Second - The student must take two bridging courses, CHE 804 and 805, offered as Internet-based courses through Michigan State University before the fall term of their first semester in graduate school. The student must receive at least a B grade in each of these courses. See the following for details about CHE 804 and 805.

Third - for those with non-engineering degrees, take ChE 0613

CHE 0613

Fourth- The standard requirements for the degree are met.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can I take the bridging courses? The CHE 804 and 805 courses are web-based and can be taken at any location. 
  • When should I take the courses? You must take the courses beginning in the spring (ChE 804) and summer (ChE 805). You must complete both courses before your first semester in the formal graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh. 
  • Who pays for these courses? The student is typically expected to cover the cost of the courses. Outstanding candidates can apply for a stipend to pay for the tuition.