Nadim Farhat

Bioengineering Advisor: Dr. Tamer Ibrahim
Psychiatry Advisor: Dr. Howard Aizenstein

farhat headshot

Nadim completed his BSc. in Electrical Engineering from Balamand University, Lebanon and has a MSc. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK. Nadim started working with his mentors in January 2017. He and his mentors were awarded the diversity supplement from NIMH to support Nadim’s research in the optimization of the brain functional MRI (fMRI) resting-state analysis at ultra-high field MRI. In addition to investigating brain fMRI, Nadim’s dissertation goals are to develop and implement advanced neuroimaging methods to investigate cerebral vessel disease (SVD) and late-life depression (LLD). Nadim developed an ex-vivo 7T MRI electromagnetic optimized container with cutting guides. The cutting guides enables accurate postmortem MRI to histology alignment, additionally in-vivo premortem images were successfully and accurately transformed to the postmortem MRI and histology space, he is currently writing the manuscript that details the methodology of Container and Cutting guides. Nadim developed an enlarged perivascular spaces segmentation algorithm to count enlarged perivascular spaces extract their geometrical features. Consequently, the next step is to investigate the association of the enlarged perivascular spaces and their shapes with clinical outcome in LLD and SVD cohorts.