Participating Departments

Department of Bioengineering 
The University of Pittsburgh BIO Department has a rich history involving interdisciplinary research collaboration with clinical and basic science programs in the School of Medicine (SoM). The Swanson School of Engineering (SSoE) and SoM are literally separated by yards; this has facilitated close ties between these schools and fostered an appreciation for the power of an interdisciplinary approach to clinical problems. Engineers have received primary, tenure-stream appointments in clinical departments and have been promoted and tenured within the Medical School. Bioengineering faculty have secondary appointments in clinical departments and have strong research ties with their Medical School colleagues. Of particular note in these collaborative relationships are those addressing mental health research.

Department of Psychiatry 
The Psychiatry Department is a leader in mental health research. Over 100 research projects funded by the federal government are currently being conducted at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC – Pittsburgh (WPIC), as well as many supported by pharmaceutical companies and by private foundations. Several multi-site studies addressing disorders such as late-life depression, dementia, and anxiety are underway. These projects provide many training opportunities for pre-doctoral training.