Our primary research focus is on the understanding and modulation of interactions between neural tissue and smart materials and biosensors. Several fields of research require the fundamental understanding of these interactions, including neural electrode/tissue interface, neural tissue engineering, implantable biosensors and drug delivery. We design advanced functional biomaterials and electrode devices that will intimately integrate with the host neural tissue. Concurrently, electrochemical, biological, surgical, histological, optical and electrophysiological methods are being developed to comprehensively and accurately evaluate these novel materials and devices. The active research areas in our lab include:

Project Areas

Project Area 1: Surface coating for neural microelectrode arrays for chronic recording and stimulation in CNS

Project Area 2: Novel material and design for next generation neural electrodes (focusing on size and mechanics) 

Project Area 3: Characterization tools and paradigms for understanding the electrode-tissue interface (electrophysiology and 2 photon microscopy)

Project Area 4: Characterization of the effect of electrical stimulation using microelectrodes with modified surfaces

Project Area 5: Biosensor for neurochemicals

Project Area 6: Electrically controlled drug delivery

Project Area 7: Control of stem cell growth and differentiation for functional neural tissue engineering


NTE Project areas
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