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Alan George

Department Chair
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Dr. George is Department Chair, R&H Mickle Endowed Chair, and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Pittsburgh. He is Founder and Director of the NSF Space Center called SHREC (Space, High-performance, and REsilient Computing) headquartered at Pitt with a funding level over $1M per year. SHREC is an industry-university cooperative research center (IUCRC) featuring nearly 40 academic, industry, and government partners and is considered by many as the leading academic research center in its field. Dr. George's research interests focus upon high-performance architectures, apps, networks, services, systems, and missions for reconfigurable, parallel, distributed, and dependable computing, from spacecraft to supercomputers. He is a Fellow of the IEEE for contributions in reconfigurable and high-performance computing.

Dr. George has served as principal investigator on sponsored research totaling over $30M. With his students, he has authored over 200 refereed journal articles and conference papers. His faculty recognitions include college scholar and teacher of the year, university teacher of the year, college doctoral advisor of the year, college faculty mentor of the year, university service award, university productivity award, and the Schwarzkopf Award from NSF for IUCRC technology innovation. Prior to joining Pitt in 2017, he served for 20 years on the ECE faculty at the University of Florida, where he led the effort that originally created SHREC (then called CHREC, Center for High-performance Reconfigurable Computing) and also the university's supercomputer center, which is among the most powerful in the nation. He left UF as the highest funded faculty member in the department.

A list of most scholarly publications with my students is available on my ORCID page.


Ph.D., Florida State University, 1987 - 1991

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