List of Instruments


The Global Perspective Inventory  

  • Abbreviation: GPI
  • Authors:
    • Larry Braskamp, PhD, Loyola University Chicago
    • Mark Engberg, PhD, Loyola University Chicago
  • Source:


The Engineering Global Preparedness Index

  • Abbreviation: EGPI
  • Authors:
    • Gisele Ragusa, PhD, University of Southern California
  • Source:


Situational Judgement Test

  • Abbreviation: SJT
  • Authors:
    • Brent Jesiek, PhD, Purdue University
  • Source:


Miville-Guzman University-Diversity Scale

  • Abbreviation: M-GUDS
  • Authors:
    • Marie L. Miville, PhD, Oklahoma State University
  • Sources:
    • Fuertes, J. N., Miville, M. L., Mohr, J. J., Sedlacek, W. E., & Gretchen, D. (2000). Factor structure and short form of the Miville-Guzman Universality-Diversity Scale. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 33, 157–169.
    • Miville, M. L., Gelso, C. J., Pannu, R., Liu, W., Touradji, P., Holloway, P., et al. (1999). Appreciating similarities and valuing differences: The Miville-Guzman Universality-Diversity Scale. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 46, 291–307.


Intercultural Development Inventory

  • Abbreviation: IDI
  • Authors:
    • Mitchell Hammer, PhD, American University
    • Milton Bennett, The International Communication Institute
  • Source:


Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory


The AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Value Rubric


Global Competencies Inventory


Global Competence Aptitude Assessment


The Intercultural Readiness Check


Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory


If there is an instrument that you have used and is not included in the table above, please contact us.

A more comprehensive list of assessment instruments can be seen at:

Fantini, A. E. (2009). Assessing Intercultural Competence. The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence, 456-476.

University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching: Tools for Assessing Intercultural and Global Competence

Global Competency Assessment Review Paper by Streiner, Besterfield-Sacre, and Jesiek is in development!