Harvey Borovetz, PhD


harvey borovetz head shot

Dr. Harvey Borovetz

(Bioengineering, Surgery & MIRM) Cardiopulmonary organ replacements  

We are applying bioengineering-based technologies towards the development of cardiopulmonary organ replacements for adult and pediatric patients. Our current efforts are focused on the development of ventricular assist devices (VAD) for infants and neonates (PVAD) as well as for toddlers and small children (TVAD). Our efforts are focused on the development of an implantable axial flow pump that can provide either uni-ventricular or bi-ventricular support for periods up to six months. A complementary project is evaluating a bearingless, magnetically suspended extracorporeal pump for temporary (2 week) support of infants in cardiac failure. If successful, these various technologies would be among the first to be designed specifically for these very special pediatric patients.