Faculty Resource Hub

What is the Faculty Resource Hub?
A crucial component for fostering a culture of sustainability at the University of Pittsburgh, as detailed by the Pitt Sustainability Plan, is ensuring that all students are exposed to aspects of sustainability through their coursework. MCSI's Faculty Resource Hub aims to help achieve this goal by providing a compilation of accessible academic materials and tools, which Pitt faculty can use to easily integrate components of sustainability into their curricula. Instructors are encouraged to explore and download the Hub's resources, which include lecture materials, videos, publications, and contact information for Pitt's sustainability experts.

What topics does the Faculty Resource Hub address?
Currently, the Faculty Resource Hub covers five topical areas: an introduction to sustainability, air quality, energy, food security, and materials and waste. As the Hub continues to grow, more modules will be added to this list; be sure to check back to see what additional topics the Hub will provide educational materials for in the future.

Have feedback or questions?
If there is an aspect of sustainability that you would like to see covered by the Faculty Resource Hub, or if you have questions, feedback, or additional suggestions, please contact MCSI@pitt.edu.


Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
University of Pittsburgh
Swanson School of Engineering
153 Benedum Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15261



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