Research Projects

Policy, Regulation and Innovation in Chinese Industry

Project Directors: Loren Brandt, Thomas G. Rawski

What drives the growing innovative capacity of Chinese industry? What is its likely trajectory? Do China's policies accelerate the accumulation of manufacturing capabilities? This project adopts a three-stage approach to answering these questions.

Project directors

Loren Brandt, University of Toronto
Thomas G. Rawski, University of Pittsburgh

Multidisciplinary teams will conduct intensive documentary and field studies of six high-priority industries. Adding firm-level data on production, finance, and trade will expand our analysis to encompass the entire industrial sector. We then focus on the prospects for key upstream technologies that emerge from the initial research. At the micro-level, our study will measure the effectiveness of multiple channels of technological upgrading; at the macro-level, it will deliver a comprehensive overview of China's national innovation system.


Michael Davidson, MIT

Douglas B. Fuller, Zhejiang University

Ravi Madhavan, University of Pittsburgh 

Margaret M. Pearson, University of Maryland

Zhi Qiang, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing

Richard P. Suttmeier, University of Oregon

Timothy Sturgeon, MIT

Eric Thun, University of Oxford

Qingfeng Tian, Northwest Polytechnic University, Xi’an

Luhang Wang, Xiamen University

Irene S. Wu, U.S. Federal Communications Commission

Yi-chong Xu, Griffith University