3-1-2011: How to Build a Green Brand....and Why It Matters 

11-29-2010: Team to study impact of "green" buildings 

11-1-2010: John C. Mascaro is honored as one of the University of Pittsburgh's Legacy Laureates 

10-21-2010: Pitt Researchers: Plant based plastics not necessarily greener than oil-based relatives 

9-22-2010: NSF Awards $2M Grant to Pitt-led Team 

4-1-2010: Breaking Ground: Oakland, A Neighborhood in Demand 

3-7-2010: LED Streetlights Best Buy for Cities 

11-11-09: Building With Bamboo Nets Pitt, Indian Students International Engineering Award and 10,000-Euro Prize From United Nations-Daimler 

8-26-09: Mascaro Center’s New Home Takes “Green” Design, Engineering to Heart  

8-24-09: Pitt Researchers Undertake $1.06 Million Federal Project to Curtail, Reuse Harmful Wastewater From Marcellus Shale Drilling 

7-26-09: Bamboo: Pitt team building school in India from the material 

6-28-09: G20 in Pittsburgh-Local 'Green' Sector Leads in Research and Application and Now Must Cultivate Green Business, Pitt Expert Says 

5-27-09: Student Wind Turbine Project Wins Innovation Contest 

5-4-09: Pitt 'Green' Design Contest Winners Combine Household Wind Turbine with Energy-saving Tips for Low-cost Power Conservation 

4-21-09: MCSI Team Wins National Environmental Protection Agency Award  

12-20-08: Pitt walk-on chasing doctorate, dream  

12-17-08: Universities Collaborate to Improve Water Quality in China. Inexpensive arsenic removal process uses "people power" not electricity  

11-24-08: Roof-top Hydroelectricity and Slaying “Vampire Power” Among Low-cost, Energy-Saving Ideas From Finalists in Pitt's “Green” Building Contest  

8-25-08:Pitt Launches Student Challenge to “Green” Old Buildings  

8-19-08: Sticks, Not Stones, Make Homes in Indian Himalayas 

7-28-08:MCSI faculty looking for clean energy solutions for Vandergrift, PA and beyond  

7-4-08:IGERT Student’s Low-Tech Innovation Helps Ugandans 

5-26-08: From DNA to Clean-Power Communities, New Generation of Pitt Faculty Receive Awards to Explore Next-Generation Technologies 

12-13-07: Pitt Receives $281,564 from the Green Building Alliance's Product Innovation Grants Program 

9-21-07: MSI Sponsored Research Highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology 

1-24-07: Pitt Team Develops a Surface Unfriendly to Mold 

5-19-06: Veolia Partnership leads to first US Intern at their Paris world headquarters 

5-4-06: Pitt Trains Budding Engineers to "Think Green" 

3-29-06: Pitt's Global Studies Program Announces 2006-07 Global Academic Partnership Grant 

2-9-06: Pitt Professor Named Engineer of the Year by Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania 

7-28-05: Pitt to Teach Green Building in the Tropics 

6-28-05: IGERT Press Release 

11-7-05: Pitt Professor know for "Green" Research and Curriculum Development to Speak at National Research Council Workshop Today 

11-2-05: University of Pittsburgh's McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine Laboratory Building Awarded LEED Gold Rating for "Green" Building, Becomes First University Building in Pennsylvania To Achieve this Status 

11-2-05: Excerpts from Remarks by Chancellor Mark. A Nordenberg at LEED Award Ceremony 

11-1-04: Going Green: Pitt's Mascaro program among first in field, Pittsburgh Business Times 

2-10-04: Pitt Engineering Faculty and Alumni Win Carnegie Science Center Awards for Excellence 

3-28-04: Pitt School of Engineering Honored Eight Alumni March 24 Lauding Achievements in Business and Research