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Graduate Assistance In Areas Of National Need

The Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation created its Sustainable Engineering Fellowship Program through the U.S. Department of Education’s Graduate Assistance In Areas Of National Need (GAANN) Program.

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What is the GAANN Pittsburgh Sustainable Engineering Fellowship Program?

Our overall aim is to infuse graduate engineering education with unparalleled opportunities to produce highly trained engineers who will not only routinely incorporate sustainable principles into their work but will also be well-positioned to become leaders in their future academic, industrial, or governmental endeavors. To do this, graduate research will be conducted in concert with the Mascaro Center, a program that stimulates and funds projects on greening the built environment, more sustainable use of water, and the design of distributed power systems.

Primary goals of the program:

  • Training engineers with expertise in both their chosen field and sustainable engineering.
  • Addressing substantial research problems of national and international importance through a focus on green construction and sustainable water use.

Specific objectives of the program:

  • Provide a quality, multidisciplinary instruction and research experience in the sustainable design of products and processes.

  • Encourage outstanding engineering students to pursue the PhD degree and become leaders in sustainable design practices, creating environmentally conscious products and processes.

  • Create an education and research program in sustainable engineering that will serve as a model for the nation.

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