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Manchester Academic Charter School

MCSI is delighted to partner with the Manchester Academic Charter School (MACS) on sustainability and engineering based educational programs. In 2011, to provide a general understanding of sustainability principles, MCSI faculty and students provided all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students a series of lectures on sustainability, green buildings, energy and water. The students then participated in the first MCSI Sustainable Schools competition with the goal to identify a concept that would make their school ‘greener’ while increasing school-wide awareness of sustainability. With guidance and mentorship from MACS science teacher, Cara Koloshinsky, and MCSI post-doc, Bhavna Sharma, students were challenged to work individually or in teams to develop a proposal outlining how they would make their school more sustainable. Projects were reviewed by both MAS and MCSI representatives and judged on the quality and creativity of the proposal, the long term impact on the school and the feasibility of implementation.       

MCSI Award luncheon for the MACS Future City Recognition Day. Social studies teacher Dennis Henderson, engineering mentor Casey Wagner and MCSI visiting assistant professor Bhavna Sharma helped the 6th, 7th and 8th grade Future City team in the 2013 competition. Representing the school were four 8th graders, pictured right to left, Korri Cokley, London Greer, Re'Onna Durham, and Noah Fitzpatrick.

MACS luncheon 2013



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