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Community Outreach Projects

Open to all Pitt undergraduate and graduate students this annual competition challenges University of Pittsburgh students to work collectively on service-oriented projects designed to implement solutions to environmental problems to benefit the university and/ or greater community.  Projects are judged on their ability to create public awareness of sustainability issues, improve quality of life in our region and feature a strong public outreach or education element.

MCSI funded two community outreach projects in 2012

The first was a grant to The Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) Flow Energy Team providing equipment resources to explore non-traditional wind energy harvest for potential use in urban Pittsburgh. The ESW student team has partnered with Pittsburgh Green Innovators who has agreed to let our team perform device testing on a section of roof beginning immediately. This gives the team the chance to perform real world device development and testing, while also establishing the beginnings of a demonstration project for the facility once renovation is done.


PittStartIn addition, MCSI funded a project to impact all incoming Pitt freshman. Over the past few years, Pitt has made great strides in implementing sustainability principles on campus. As a way to introduce incoming Pitt freshmen to the many ‘green’ aspects of the Oakland campus the Mascaro Center joined forces with the Office of Admissions and student leaders from Engineers for a Sustainable World to create a PittStart sustainability scavenger hunt that challenges the incoming freshmen to find 5 of 11 different sustainability examples on our campus. Participants are entered into a drawing with the chance to win a campus bike package including a bike, lock, locker and helmet.

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