About coulter@pitt

Welcome to the Coulter Translational Research Partners II Program at the University of Pittsburgh.
This program is led and administered by the Swanson School of Engineering's Department of Bioengineering in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the Offices of Technology Management and Enterprise Development.

Our mission is to identify, select, develop, and commercialize promising projects undertaken together by bioengineers and clinical faculty that address unmet clinical needs and better patient care worldwide. We will achieve this mission by either licensing these technologies or by enabling the formation of start-up ventures that obtain follow-on institutional funding.

We believe this requires a multidisciplinary team effort involving many schools, centers, and institutes within the University of Pittsburgh, as well as entities outside the University with whom we are engaging in partnership to achieve these objectives.

During the pursuit of these goals, we envision directly impacting regional economic prosperity, and that these translational research activities will positively contribute to and complement the traditional world-class research and educational outcomes for which the University is well-known.

Sanjeev Shroff, PhD
Principal Investigator, Coulter TPII Program
Distinguished Professor and Gerald McGinnis Chair in Bioengineering
Professor of Medicine Senior Investigator, Magee-Womens Research Institute
Core Faculty, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Marc Malandro, PhD, CLP
Co-Principal Investigator, Coulter TPII Program
Associate Vice-Chancellor, Offices of Technology Management and Enterprise Development
Stephen F. Badylak, DVM, PhD, MD
Co-Principal Investigator, Coulter TPII Program
Professor of Surgery and Deputy Director, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a partnership between University of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pratap Khanwilkar, PhD, MBA
Professor of Bioengineering and Director, Coulter Program
Lindsay J. Rodzwicz, BS Bioengineering
Coulter Program Administrator