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2007 Plenary Presentations  


Mr. Roger Wicks 

Head of Energy, Anglo Coal, South Africa 

"Clean Coal Technologies (CCT) with particular reference to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): An Anglo Coal Perspective" 


Dr. David Harris 

Theme Leader, Low Emissions Electricity, CSIRO, Australia 

"Coal Gasification Reactivity: Measurement and Application" 


Dr. Steve Lennon 

MD, Resources and Strategy, ESKOM, South Africa 

"Coal and Innovation in ESKOM - Rising to the Global Challenge" 


Prof. Rafael Kandiyoti 

Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, United Kingdom 

"Thermochemical Reactor Design and Thermal Breakdown in Middle Rank Coals" 


Mr. Pat Davies 

CE of Sasol, South Africa 

"Sasol's Experience and Views on Future Potential CTL Opportunities" 


Mr. Christopher Higman 

MD, Syngas Consultants, United Kingdom 

"...And Where Will the Hydrogen Come From?"